Tree Removal

Tree Removal-

At Hidden Oak Tree Care we are your tree removal experts. We are fully committed to proper education in the latest roping and rigging techniques to ensure a safe and efficient tree removal.  We can remove trees of any size in any location around your property.  Our team specializes in a types of tree removal from large trees needing crane work, to small removals and stump grinding.  If you need your tree removed and want it done with the safest practices, most current techniques, and a staff so thorough it will look like there was never a tree there to begin with, Give us a call.

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Tree Removal
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Stump Grinding

Hidden Oak Tree Care is equipped with the latest Stump Grinding machines in order that they might efficiently complete your project. Whether you have one stump, or an entire site riddled with stumps, Hidden Oak Tree Care has the equipment to remove those unwanted stumps

How does it work?

Stump grinding is done with a machine which uses a cutting wheel that moves back and forth across the stump surface.  The teeth on the grinding wheel chew the stump into chip sized pieces.   During the standard stump grinding process we would grind an area approximately 3 ft diameter around the width of the stump, and up  to a depth of 10″-15″, depending on the presence of rocks utility lines or any other obstructions.

When our team is finished you will have a hole where the tree and stump once was, we will leave the chips lever ground, and the hole will be roughly 1.5 times the size of the stump and will look like a planter box.  We utilize Blue Stakes to mark for utilities in the area of the stump grind, including; power, water, gas, internet, and cable.

We have the newest stump grinding equipment on the market, which is as light as possible, however there may be some markings in the landscape along the path of access across the terrain; care will be taken to make any marks as minimal as possible. In situations where turf damage is a significant concern, our crew can utilize plywood sheets to cover the path.